Natural Essentials

A family-owned company dedicated to providing high-quality, safe, natural, effective, convenient, innovative, and well-priced wipe-based products to keep us prepared for life’s everyday adventures.

Our Mission

To make our daily lives cleaner, safer, and more convenient one wipe at a time.

Our Story:

Improving the Life Adventure, One Wipe at a Time

Founded in 2007, Natural Essentials® is a brand on a mission to make our daily lives cleaner, safer, and more convenient, one wipe at a time.  A division of Unico I.T.C. an established towelette manufacturing business, Natural Essentials was formed with two core beliefs.  First: So many of the daily tasks and challenges we face can be better solved with a wipe.  And second: Wipe-based products can be natural and sustainable—good for people and good for the environment.  All the wipes in the line are premium and natural.  Plus, when formulating the products, only eco-friendly ingredients are considered—essential oils, and no harsh chemicals or preservatives.  All Natural Essentials wipes are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Israel with water from the Sea of Galilee.

Unico I.T.C. has been producing wipes for companies around the world since 1991.  The founders, Avi and Melinda Tansman, are recognized as leaders and innovators in the industry.  When their eldest of four children, Maya, pursued environmental studies in college, her young passion inspired a new kind of wipes line.  With the support and wisdom of Avi, the Unico team rolled up their sleeves and initiated the Natural Essentials brand of all natural, eco-friendly wipes.  The mom/daughter team spoke to mom friends near and far and used their own family experiences to inspire and prioritize their many innovative wipe ideas for the everyday adventures parents face.

In 2010, Natural Essentials Kids was born, debuting three fun and effective, high-quality, safe, natural products: Nose-eez®, Fever-eez®, and Ouch-eez®.

In 2012, the Tansmans decided to their commitment to family, product passion, and vision to make parenting more convenient, enjoyable, and safe while being earth friendly to a whole new level by continuing to expand their full line of on-the-go wipe solutions that address many parenting challenges.

The Natural Essentials team is proud to launch a full and growing line of Kids products.  Additionally, we welcome the newest addition to our family of products, Natural Essentials® Baby, with its debut product: Lil’ Peepers® Eyelid & Eyelash Cleaning Wipes.  Skipping in with the rest of the family, Natural Essentials Pets will debut in 2013 with two new products: Shimmy™ Fresh Bath Mitts and Shimmy™ Paw Wipes.

The Natural Essentials vision doesn’t stop there.  There is an array of innovative products in development for the whole family—kids, babies, pets, home, and even for mom and dad!   But when it comes to products for children, our motto is “Wipe. Kiss. Go.”  Always be prepared, and naturally enjoy your parenting adventure.