The Team

tansman familyAvi Tansman, Product Development & Logistics

Avi is the proud father of 3 sons – ages 15, 17, and 24, and a 27-year old daughter. He is the founder and president of Unico I.T.C, an internationally renowned towelette manufacturing company since 1991. Avi is recognized as a wet wipe guru and industry leader, who has successfully established product lines and introduced product-line extensions. His global wipes operation is focused on supplying the growing demand for wipes products, while leading the industry in sustainable wipes solutions that are natural and organic. As a pioneer and leading innovator in the wet wipe industry, Avi believes that everyone  should have access to wipes that are safe, natural, and environmentally-friendly.

Avi is proud to be a part of the Natural Essentials team helping develop a product line is sustainable and affordable.

Maya Tansman Rubinstein, Product Development & Logistics

Maya is the proud sister to 3 younger brothers, a recent newlywed, and proud ‘mom’ of the now legendary Shimmy the dog.  She has her B.A. in Linguistics and Environmental Studies from McGill University (Canada), and an International MBA from Bar Ilan University (Israel).  Maya grew up immersed in the world of wet wipe innovation and development and has spent the last seven years inspiring and helping develop greener practices and product lines for the business. She believes that it is incumbent upon businesses to adopt sustainable ideologies that will stir the waters of change and allow us all to enjoy a greener future.

Maya is proud to be a part of the Natural Essentials team helping make products that are good for people and good for the planet.